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We concentrate on first getting families to safety, providing transportation, supplies and support. We help with housing, legal advice and local information for newly resettled families. We understand that this is only the first step, and we go beyond basic necessities. Currently, we are working on providing families with access to psychological help, education, daycare, art and safe areas to play.

Children make up half of all refugees from the war in Ukraine, according to UNICEF and UNHCR. Over 2.5 million children are estimated to be internally displaced and thousands more are unable to leave their home. It is crucial that they are provided with safe shelter, food and as much comfort of normal life as possible.

For families affected by war, it is extremely important to have a life with predictable patterns and familiar  routines. Access to education, art, free play, and sports are all the things which give a sense of stability and belonging, and help create trusting relationships during these turbulent times.

When people escape the zone of conflict, they do so with no plan or certainty in their future. They need to feel safe and supported when they are most vulnerable. Globe 4 Ukraine focuses on providing help to refugees in all areas of life including psychological, legal, and educational. We work in close partnership with groups in Ukraine and Europe to provide targeted, qualified help where it is needed.

Feeding Ukraine

Our team created the #Feed4Five campaign to supply meals to the Ukrainians in need. Every $5 donation will fund a daily meal kit for one person. Join our community of monthly givers to follow our volunteers on the…

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Shaping the Future

We organize group discussions and brainstorming meetings to find the best solutions for today and possible strategies for years to come. We help with logistics and production even in times of war. We are collaborating with like-minded organizations…

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Helping Families

When people escape the zone of conflict, they do so with no plan or certainty in their future. They need to feel safe and supported when they are most vulnerable. Globe4Ukraine focuses on providing help to refugees in…

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Helping Young Athletes

We want to offer young athletes from Ukraine not only support, but also faith that their future will be bright and strong. We are working on connecting young athletes with coaches, health and psychology specialists, and international organizations

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Giving Pets Hope

We are part of the network which supports animal rescue centers, breeders and veterinary clinics in their efforts to continue their work helping animals affected by the situation

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