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Act now to help send a meal to a family in Ukraine

Our team created the #Feed4Five campaign to supply meals to the Ukrainians in need. Every $5 donation will fund a daily meal kit for one person. Join our community of monthly givers to follow our volunteers on the ground and help us reach our goal of providing 1,500 meals a day.

Having a hot meal gives a sense of security and community, it is a much needed relief and support. Our groups on the ground have been supporting local families from the first days of the war. Oftentimes, a volunteer delivering food was the only friendly face on an otherwise dark day. Food is truly more than just sustenance. Every day we hear words of gratitude for being the reliable support, for showing up without fail. It is humbling and inspiring at the same time, and you will experience it with us now by being a part of the #Feed4Five campaign.

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Why do you need another nonprofit?

This is a question we hear all the time.
On the video below you can see a queue of  local residents in line for humanitarian aid.


If they arrive first thing in the morning, they will get their share after an hour or two. They do not know what they will get and how much.

Oftentimes they must come to these lines every other day to get enough food.
This is not ideal for anyone. Elderly, disabled, people with small children are not able to do this at all.
Understandably, the food distributed in these centers has to be able to withstand long storage. So mostly it is pasta, grains, crackers with some canned vegetables and meats.
If you look at smaller volunteer groups, they are able to work with local producers and farms to get better variety, because they don’t need to store the products for long periods of time.

These groups are who we focus on

They are able to deliver food to those who are not able to get to a local center. They also cover other needs: baby items, medications, pet food etc.

Through them we are able to target very specific needs and be sure that everything gets to the residents either through delivery or pick up.


Who we are

Globe 4 Ukraine is a non-profit created by Ukrainians living in the United States. When the war broke out we immediately acted in mobilizing the largest humanitarian warehouse in Poland where aid from all over Europe were reaching here before being distributed to the war zones in Ukraine.


Why and Where are we helping

The effects of war are very massive in Kharkiv, the largest city in east Ukraine. That’s why all our attention is focused here at the moment. Although Kharkiv is under the attack of the Russian forces every day,  there are still 700,000 people staying in their hometown. There is no better time than now to act for a better future for Ukraine.


Donation Details

After making a donation you will have access to the Telegram group where our volunteers are sharing photos of their everyday activities.

One $5 meal kit includes prepared meals, bread and fruit for one person for one day.

Your $50 monthly donation can give 10 people healthy meal kits for 5 days every month.


Long-term impact

Our goal is to provide 10,000 meal kits with this funding campaign. Together, we can make the #Feed4Five campaign the first step, which will establish better logistics and partnerships with local producers, helping the local economy in the process. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide 1,500 meal kits each day. With your help, #Feed4Five will build the foundation to a stable future for Ukraine.

Thank you to all who trust us to do good things.

Feeding Ukraine

Our team created the #Feed4Five campaign to supply meals to the Ukrainians in need. Every $5 donation will fund a daily meal kit for one person. Join our community of monthly givers to follow our volunteers on the…

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